Mattia Battistini    (Jacques Chuilon)    (9780810861442)
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Mattia Battistini    (Jacques Chuilon)    (9780810861442)
B0145. (MATTIA BATTISTINI) Jacques Chuilon. King of Baritones and Baritone of Kings. Latham, MD, Scarecrow Press, 2009. 405pp. Index; Discography; Chronology; Photos. Includes CD: Songs by Gounod, Tosti & Alvarez; Arias from Don Giovanni, Tannhäuser, Ernani, Ballo, Pagliacci, Werther, Tosca, Hamlet, Maria di Rohan, Quo vadis?, La Favorita & Don Carlos. - 9780810861442


“Such an easily-accessible and wide-ranging account of Battistini’s and his colleagues’ performances, of his hitherto almost-unknown life away from the stage, and the background to his recordings is certain to be of great interest to his many admirers….today’s listeners, accepting him at face value, can enjoy not only the wonders of his top register, but also the flamboyance, the agility for which the word ‘fabulous’ is not too-strong a term, and the grand manner characteristic of the era of the singer.”

- Michael E. Henstock, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010

“Italian music of the 19th century was quintessentially vocal music. Great opera composers such as Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti emphasized purity, nobility, subtlety and the sheer beauty of the human voice. With Verdi, though, a new ideal of ‘verismo’ arose in which drama, emotion and realism supplanted the older style. Although his career came after the turn to verismo, Battistini (1856 - 1928) focussed his repertoire on the earlier style and was universally acclaimed by those who had lived through the previous era as one of its greatest exponents. His records, made from 1902 to 1924, are uniformly beautiful and, more important, are the fullest evidence we have of the pre-verismo vocal style of the previous two generations.”

- Peter Guttmann, Classical Notes