Fonotipia Recordings - A Centenial Survey   (Michael E. Henstock)
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Fonotipia Recordings - A Centenial Survey   (Michael E. Henstock)
B0147. Fonotipia Recordings, A Centenial Survey. Michael E. Henstock, Ed. Cambridge University Press, 2004. 707pp, with an additional 37pp. of invaluable preface. Numerous categories include Listing by matrix number, Index by artist, Index by issue number, Index of matrices with no traceable issue number; Bibliography; Glossary. Invaluable reference source. Hard-bound, with a stitched spine; DJ. Edition Limited to 200 Copies. Now out-of-print; Final Copy!


“This is a huge book, both physically and in terms of the detail of its content. It has over 740 pages, is folio size (8½ x 12 inches), two inches thick and weighs 5½ lbs….It is beautifully case-bound and lies flat when opened. It is, of course, properly sewn together, not glued down the spine, so it will last forever….The setting-out of the text is very spacious and clear, and the font used is large enough to be easily read by all but the most myopic….It has been printed in a limited edition; if you want it, do not hesitate too long….Truly, this is a golden age for discographers! Fonotipia Records, or Dischi Fonotipia, was an Italian gramophone record label established in 1904 with a charter to record the art of leading opera singers and some other celebrity musicians, chiefly violinists. Fonotipia continued to operate into the electrical recording era, which commenced in 1925-26, by which time the company had been absorbed into Odeon records. The records made by Fonotipia are prized by collectors and musicologists for their high technical quality, and for the high artistic merit and interest of much of what was captured for posterity.”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2004