Beverly Sills  (Autobiography)    (9780553051735)
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Beverly Sills  (Autobiography)    (9780553051735)
B0155. BEVERLY, An Autobiography. Beverly Sills & Lawrence Linderman. New York, Bantam Books, 1987. 356pp. Index; Photos; DJ. Long out-of-print, Final Hardbound Copy! - 9780553051735


"There are a few new facts to be learned about Beverly from BEVERLY, not all of them pleasant....BEVERLY lets us see the tougher side of her personality. We always knew that she was resourceful, resilient, and determined, but it may come as a surprise to some that she can also be crafty, mean, and vindictive when crossed. The new book was partly meant to settle old scores, and Sills does so with relish. There is an extensive enemies list, and those on it are told exactly what they can do [including] the editors of OPERA NEWS, the entire city of Cleveland, and all music critics who ever expressed a reservation about Beverly Sills."

- Peter G. Davis, NEW YORK, 1 June, 1987

"Interwoven throughout Sills' narrative are the author's forthright and often surprising opinions on innumerable personalities and subjects: from what an opera singer must do differently when performing before the camera to how to handle opera claques; from the function of the critics to the role of corporate sponsorship of the arts."

- Louise Bernikow, COSMOPOLITAN