Hans Hotter, Man and Artist     (Penelope Turing)         (0-7145-3988-0)
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Hans Hotter, Man and Artist     (Penelope Turing)         (0-7145-3988-0)
B0174. (HANS HOTTER) Penelope Turing. Hans Hotter, Man and Artist. New York, Riverrun Press, 1983. 280pp. Index; Discography; List of Operatic Repertoire; Chronology; Photos; DJ.


"When the Nazis came to power, Hotter was in his mid-twenties, a member of the opera company in Prague. A dangerously good mimic, he scored a success at parties with imitations of Hitler [Hotter] has wise things to say about Wagnerian stage production. Brought up in the old tradition, he welcomed the Wieland revolution. The 'concept' producers of more recent times are brushed off with a few sentences of broad, godlike annihilation."

- John Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Sept., 2006