Kutsch & Riemens.  Unvergangliche Stimmen, 1969 English Language Edition (Chilton)
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Kutsch & Riemens.  Unvergangliche Stimmen, 1969 English Language Edition (Chilton)
B0197. KUTSCH & RIEMENS. (UNVERGÄNGLICHE STIMMEN) A Concise Biographical Dictionary of Singers from the beginning of recorded sound to the present, by K. J. Kutsch and Leo Riemens. Translated from German, expanded and annotated by Harry Earl Jones. [English Language Edition]. Philadelphia, Chilton, 1969. 487pp.; Choice copy. Final copy!


“Let me begin by stating that the publication of the UNVERGÄNGLICHE STIMMEN by by K. J. Kutsch and Leo Riemens…was a major event in the world of the record collector. Here was a new kind of encyclopedia devoted to the singers whose voices have been preserved on discs or cylinders…active since the turn of the [20th] Century….It was almost unbelievable that so many of those elusive figures at last had been rounded up between two covers.”

- Philip L. Miller, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Feb., 1970

“At the time of its first publication, it was the only English language book to give the reader basic - one might say elemental - information on every famous artist who made recordings. What is elemental information? Who studied with whom, what they sang, where the sang it, and with whom- a huge circle of knowledge. Though one can now use sources like Wikipedia to find this kind of information, these databases aren't available in a form that makes for browsing- an important matter itself. This is good for the interested reader who can probably find a copy of this out-of-print book as inexpensively as I did. A CONCISE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF SINGERS is a window into a wondrous world. Reading about these singers makes one want to listen to their recordings, and that is a real education.”

- Daniel James Shigo