Herman Klein and The Gramophone    (0931340187)
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Herman Klein and The Gramophone    (0931340187)
B0202. HERMAN KLEIN & The Gramophone, William R. Moran, Ed. Portland, OR, Amadeus, 1990. 618pp. Photos; DJ. Final copy! - 0-931340-18-7


"From 1924 until his death in 1934, Klein contributed a monthly essay, 'The Gramophone and the Singer', to the English periodical The Gramophone. He also wrote book reviews and commends on hundreds of recordings and surveyed the current opera seasons at Covent Garden, giving his impressions of such singers as Melchior, Lehmann, Schumann, Martinelli and Turner, comparing their work with that of their predecessors. It is this unmatched perspective that makes Klein's writings a uniquely valuable resource. His comments on acoustic and early electric recordings that remain available and familiar today become reference points for his descriptions of what legendary singers like Patti and Lind sounded like over a century ago. The present volume includes all his essays and record reviews and reprints his 1923 volume 'The Bel Canto'. It is of the highest importance to collectors of vocal recordings and students of the art of singing."

- Ned Ludd