Boston Symphony Orchestra    (Gerome Brush)
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Boston Symphony Orchestra    (Gerome Brush)
B0240. BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – Charcoal Drawings of its Members, with Biographical Sketches. Gerome Brush. Boston, Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1936. 219pp. Profusely illus. Softbound.


"In the 1930s, Gerome Brush made detailed charcoal portraits of 109 members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In 1936, these were published as a book, titled The Boston Symphony Orchestra: Charcoal Drawings of Its Members with Biographical Sketches. In a foreword by Edward Weeks, his process is described as follows: 'Each musician sat for him in the little room that houses the Casadesus Collection [of historic musical instruments]; each played for him a solo in order to banish the last vestige of self-consciousness, and from each he has drawn comments, bits of personal history, and the gleam of aspirations which are characteristic'.”

- CAMOUPEDIA, 7 Feb., 2013