Luigi Lablache  (Clarissa Lablache Cheer)   (9781441502148)
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Luigi Lablache  (Clarissa Lablache Cheer)   (9781441502148)
B0283. (LUIGI LABLACHE) Clarissa Lablache Cheer. The Great Lablache – Nineteenth Century Operatic Superstar, His Life and His Times. Lexington, KY, Exlibris, 2009. 701pp.; Index; Bibliography; Illus.; Exhaustive Chronology. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 9781441502148


“There is a wealth of detail in this book: all quotations and reproductions of pictures and text are properly annotated and the writing is that of an ardent enthusiast rather than an academic….This book is an undoubted labour of love and certainly deserves a warm welcome as the first major English language account of an important and influential singer.”

- Robert Bunyard, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010