Nordic Voices    (Richard T. Soper)      9781605710754
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Nordic Voices    (Richard T. Soper)      9781605710754
B0285. NORDIC VOICES. Richard T. Soper. Nordic Voices, The Legacy of Great Scandinavian Singers. Manchester Center, VT, Shires Press, 2010. 354pp. Bibliography; Photos; Numerous Biographies, also featuring exact dates of first performances of the singers’ roles (in Scandinavia as well as all other major houses in the world!); Lists of Performances & Principal Roles; Chapters on famous non-Scandinavian singers whose careers were launched in Scandinavia; Exhaustively researched, Elaborate & Handsome Edition. (Pictorial thick paper covers) Very long out-of-print, Final Copies! - 9781605710754


“Like most collectors, I wish to know something of every significant artist who entered my collection. Thus, a work like this one with the vast amount of research its compilation has entailed is particularly welcome….the book covers and provides details of opera houses, conservatories, theatres and a surprising lineup of native composers….The volume provides birth and death dates for most of its subjects…plus a degree of personal information such as family background. One can only admire the immense amount of time-consuming research the book must have required on the part of the author….Competitively-priced, the book, which is available only as softbound, is particularly welcome and provides an indispensable reference source.”

- Michael F. Bott, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2011