Cesar Franck, A Study by Vincent d'Indy    (Newmarch)
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Cesar Franck, A Study by Vincent d'Indy    (Newmarch)
B0394. (FRANCK) Vincent d’Indy. César Franck, A Study by Vincent d’Indy; Trans. Rosa Newmarch. London, John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1910. 286pp. Index; List of Works. Fine copy has faded cover & spine.

Biographical Note:

"In 1872, d'Indy enrolled in Cesar Franck’s organ class at the Conservatoire, and soon Franck, who taught a group of young French composers at his home, became d’Indy’s mentor and composition teacher. D’Indy recognized the genius of the man that many at the Conservatoire considered only an organ teacher."

- Don Robertson, DoveSong.com