Music of Igor Stravinsky   (van den Toorn)   (0-300-02693-5)
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Music of Igor Stravinsky   (van den Toorn)   (0-300-02693-5)
B0608. (STRAVINSKY) Pieter C. van den Toorn. The Music of Igor Stravinsky. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1983. 512pp. Index; Bibliography; Music Examples; DJ. - 0-300-02693-5


"The idea for this book came to me shortly after I completed THE MUSIC OF IGOR STRAVINSKY (1983). I had wanted to develop and in certain instances reshape a number of ideas in that earlier volume in terms of a single work, THE RITE OF SPRING. The choice of THE RITE was at least partially determined by the surfacing of a wealth of source material in recent decades. My idea was, quite simply, to expand on earlier formulations within the context of THE RITE's conception as a ballet, the sketches, the emergence of a critical tradition, and the numerous revisions that followed its celebrated premiere on 29 May, 1913."

- Pieter C. van den Toorn