Kutsch & Riemens  -  Grosses Sangerlexikon  (2 Vols.)    3-317-01638-8
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Kutsch & Riemens  -  Grosses Sangerlexikon  (2 Vols.)    3-317-01638-8
B0718. KUTSCH & RIEMENS. GROSSES SÄNGERLEXIKON (Biographical Dictionary of Singers) [German Text]. Bern, Francke, 1987. 3452pp., in Two Volumes. Books are published in the German Language and contain 1000s of detailed entries on the world's most well-known performers. Book and Jacket appear to have hardly been read and are both in as new condition throughout. DJ. Final copy! - 3-317-01638-8


“Let me begin by stating that the publication of the UNVERGÄNGLICHE STIMMEN by by K. J. Kutsch and Leo Riemens…was a major event in the world of the record collector. Here was a new kind of encyclopedia devoted to the singers whose voices have been preserved on discs or cylinders…active since the turn of the [20th] Century….It was almost unbelievable that so many of those elusive figures at last had been rounded up between two covers.”

- Philip L. Miller, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Feb., 1970

“At the time of its first publication, it was the only English language book to give the reader basic - one might say elemental - information on every famous artist who made recordings. What is elemental information? Who studied with whom, what they sang, where the sang it, and with whom- a huge circle of knowledge. Though one can now use sources like Wikipedia to find this kind of information, these databases aren't available in a form that makes for browsing- an important matter itself. This is good for the interested reader who can probably find a copy of this out-of-print book as inexpensively as I did. A CONCISE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF SINGERS is a window into a wondrous world. Reading about these singers makes one want to listen to their recordings, and that is a real education.”

- Daniel James Shigo