Hope and Glory  -  Clara Butt  ( Leonard)  (978-1-906469-38-2)
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Hope and Glory  -  Clara Butt  ( Leonard)  (978-1-906469-38-2)
B0754. (CLARA BUTT) Maurice Leonard. Hope and Glory – A Life of Dame Clara Butt. England, Victorian Secrets Limited, 2012. 247pp. Index; Bibliography; Discography; Photos. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 978-1-906469-38-2


“This act of homage to England’s greatest contralto…may well produce new converts….Mr Leonard treats Clara Butt and her repertoire with complete seriousness….He has succeeded in depicting the excitement created by her appearances onstage and off…[and] manages to suggest why she was so important to so many people. He has done his homework thoroughly….Clearly and elegantly printed, the book is illustrated with a few decently reproduced photographs….”

- Michael Aspinall, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2013