Rachmaninoff's  Songs    (Sylvester)    (9780253353399 )
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Rachmaninoff's  Songs    (Sylvester)    (9780253353399 )
B0758. (RACHMANINOFF) Richard D. Sylvester. Rachmaninoff’s Complete Songs. Indiana University Press, 2014. 302pp. Indices; Bibliography; Singers and recordings; Photo; DJ. - 9780253353399


“As a companion volume to his earlier book on Tschaikowsky songs [B0733], Professor Sylvester has produced one of the most comprehensively researched books that it has been my pleasure to read for some time….Professor Sylvester has such a command of his subject – the attention to detail is second-to-none – that he has the ability, which is not that common, to discuss a complex point, without either patronising or misleading his reader….So thorough is the information contained within the book, and so wide is its appeal, that I anticipate that it will become the standard work on this subject – I do not see how it could be improved upon….I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book - I am sure you will not be disappointed.”

- Chris Ball, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2014

“Sergei Rachmaninoff - the last great Russian romantic and arguably the finest pianist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries - wrote 83 songs, which are performed and beloved throughout the world. Like German Lieder and French mélodies, the songs were composed for one singer, accompanied by a piano. In this complete collection, Richard D. Sylvester provides English translations of the songs, along with accurate transliterations of the original texts and detailed commentary. Since Rachmaninoff viewed these romances primarily as performances and painstakingly annotated the scores, this volume will be especially valuable for students, scholars, and practitioners of voice and piano”

1. Early Years (1873-1892) Nine Unpublished Songs (1890-99) 2. First Published Songs, Opus 4 (1893) Songs 10-15 3. Six Romances, Opus 8 (1896) Songs 16-21 4. Twelve Romances, Opus 14 (1896) Songs 22-33 5. Twelve Romances, Opus 21 (1902) Songs 34-45 Song 46, Without Opus (1900) 6. Fifteen Romances, Opus 26 (1906) Songs 47-61 Song 62, Without Opus (1900) 7. Fourteen Romances, Opus 34 (1912-1915) Songs 63-76 Song 77, Without Opus (1914) 8. Six Poems, Opus 38 (1916) Songs 78-83 9. After Russia (1917-1943) Two Unpublished Songs (1916

Bibliography Index of Singers Index of Song Titles in Russian Index of Song Titles in English Index of Names.

- Zillah Dorset Akron