The Dutch HMV Catalogue, Stem Zijn Meester (Kelly)   9780313298837
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The Dutch HMV Catalogue, Stem Zijn Meester (Kelly)   9780313298837
B0764. The Dutch Catalogue, De Stem van Zijn Meester / His Master’s Voice - A Complete Numerical Catalogue of Dutch and Belgian Gramophone Recordings made from 1900 to 1929 in Holland, Belgium, and elsewhere by The Gramophone Company Ltd. ALAN KELLY & JACQUES KLÖTERS, Eds. Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1997. 151pp. Performer Index; Bibliography; Photo. Very long out-of-print, Final New Copy! 0-313-29883-1 9780313298837


"This is the fourth volume in the Greenwood series providing a near-definitive survey on the output of sound recordings made in Europe by The Gramophone Company (1900-1929), this work covers the Dutch area and includes a good deal of Belgian material as well. Included in the contents are examples of the work from serious artists in classical music together with popular and comic songs and social comment dealing with an era that has nearly passed out of the range of living memory. Of interest to record collectors, music archivists, reference librarians, and music and social historians."

- Z. D. Akron