The World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music - WERM, Vol. III      (Clough & Cuming)
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The World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music - WERM, Vol. III      (Clough & Cuming)
B0783. THE WORLD’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RECORDED MUSIC, Vol. III (WERM) CLOUGH & CUMING. London Records & Sidgwick-Jackson, 1957. 564pp.; DJ.


"The World's Encyclopaedia of Recorded Music, published in an original volume and three supplements during the 1950s, is an indispensable vade mecum to classical recordings on electric 78s and monaural LPs. Its scope is worldwide, as the title says, and the compilers, Clough & Cuming, not only cast their net very wide but did a scrupulous and scholarly job in making the listings more accurate, sometimes, than in the records' own documentation.

There can be no question of reviewing, in the ordinary sense of the term, a volume of this character, and the best service I can render it and our readers, (to whom it will be indispensable) is by paraphrasing the Introduction in order to show the principles that have guided the authors in their colossal task of assembling under one cover ‘ every record of permanent music issued since the advent of electrical recording up to April 1950, throughout the world’….Enormous pains have been taken to identify the contents of the records, and in view of the careless and incorrect way so many records have been, and still are, labelled, the information presented here (not conveniently available in any other work of reference) is of the greatest value.”

- Alec Robertson, GRAMOPHONE, June, 1952