EJS Discography  (Shaman, Collins, Goodwin)   0313278687
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EJS Discography  (Shaman, Collins, Goodwin)   0313278687
B0805. EJS: DISCOGRAPHY OF THE EDWARD J. SMITH RECORDINGS, THE GOLDEN AGE OF OPERA, 1956-71. WILLIAM SHAMAN, WILLIAM J. COLLINS & CALVIN M. GOODWIN, Eds. Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1994. 856pp. Exhaustive Discography; Bibliography; Indices. Very Long out-of-print, Highly Elusive! - 0-313-27868-7


“There are several indices, the most informative and interesting of which is a list and description of various radio shows that were sources for Smith’s piracy: when they were on, where they came from, who was usually on them, etc. The book serves the browser and researcher equally well. The thought of what these people did to put this book together simply awes me.”

- James Miller, FANFARE, Jan./Feb., 1995