French Opera Posters -  Lucy Broido    0486233065
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French Opera Posters -  Lucy Broido    0486233065
B0820. FRENCH OPERA POSTERS, 1868-1930. LUCY BROIDO. New York, Dover Publications, 1976. 53 Posters, including 32 in full color, and 25 pages of notes. (Pictorial thick paper covers). On the last page is handwritten a list of 27 posters from the collection in the book that were purchased by the original owner of the book in the 1980s, and the prices paid for them. - 0-486-23306-5


"This is an excellent collection of vintage French Opera Posters. The color is very good. Annotations are very helpful and include precise dimensions of the posters. Whether you want to learn more about French Opera Posters or are into collecting originals or reproductions, this collection will provide you with a superb overview. If you want to purchase on the internet, the book provides you an opportunity for you to get a very clear picture and understanding of posters by a particular artist or period. It has helped me with purchases I have made and to plan for future purchases. Lucy Broido is a knowledgeable collector of original posters."

- Helen Hatton, University of Toronto