George Hamlin  -  A Resume of his Career  (Josephine Trott)
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George Hamlin  -  A Resume of his Career  (Josephine Trott)
B0826. GEORGE HAMLIN, AMERICAN SINGER, 1868 – 1923, A RESUMÉ OF HIS CAREER. Record compiled by Josephine Trott. Denver, Josephine Trott, 1925. 53pp. Photos.


“What is most surprising about Hamlin’s recorded legacy, in the light of the shape of his career, is just what he did not record. Hamlin was famous as an interpreter of the lieder of Schubert and Schumann, and he introduced the song literature of Richard Strauss and Hugo Wolf to audiences in North America, but recorded not a note of it….Of the 45 titles for Victor, a third went unpublished, a situation which bespeaks the perfectionist. This is truly a pity since included in this group are songs by Anton Rubinstein and Alban Berg.”

- Michael F. Bott, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2000