Nineteenth Century German Lied   (Gorrell)  9780931340598
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Nineteenth Century German Lied   (Gorrell)  9780931340598
B0833. LORRAINE GORRELL. THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY GERMAN LIED. Portland OR, Amadeus Press, 1995. 398pp. Illus.; Chronology; Performance Editions of Songs by Lesser-known Composers; Program Planning; Notes; Bibliography; Indices: Listing by Title; Song Index: Listing by Composer; Subject Index. Hardcover. - 978-0-931340-59-8


"The development of the piano, together with changes in culture and society, led to the transformation of song into a major musical genre. This study of the great lieder of 19th-century composers Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Hugo Wolf also includes lesser-known composers, such as Louis Spohr and Robert Franz, plus significant contributions from women composers and performers.

LORRAINE GORRELL is Professor of Music and an artist and performer at Winthrop University in South Carolina. Educated at Hood College and Yale University, she has contributed to such journals as THE MUSIC REVIEW and MUSIC AND MUSICIANS, and is the author of THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY GERMAN LIED."

- Ned Ludd