Carmen  (Merimee) - Geraldine Farrar  -  Jesse L. Lasky
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Carmen  (Merimee) - Geraldine Farrar  -  Jesse L. Lasky
B0838. CARMEN, Based on Prosper Mérimée’s story, illustrated from Jesse L. Lasky Photo-play released through the Paramount Picture Corporation, Produced under the direction of Cecil B. DeMille and acted by GERALDINE FARRAR. New York, A. L. Burt, 1915. 190pp. Photos. Hardbound copy of Original 1915 Printing has minor internal splitting at spine.


“In the first decades of the last century, when musical lights seemed to shine brighter, one of the most brilliant of all was Geraldine Farrar….Her tone production is consistently assured, her timbre always distinctive. And in practically every phrase, there is the force of personality and conviction of a born opera singer.”

- David Mermelstein, Program Notes, Romophone CD Issue of Farrar