Paris, The Musical Kaleidoscope    (Elaine Brody)      9780860515050
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Paris, The Musical Kaleidoscope    (Elaine Brody)      9780860515050
B0866. Elaine Brody. Paris, The Musical Kaleidoscope, 1870-1925. New York, George Braziller, 1987. 359pp. Notes, Selected Bibliography, Index, List of Illustrations. - 9780860515050 0 8076 1176 X


“In our day when serious new music has often found its audience only among specially prepared little groups of avant-garde enthusiasts, it is worthwhile to be reminded how different things were a century ago. In 19th-Century Italy strong nationalist passions were aroused by the very name of Verdi (its letters standing in cipher for Victor Emmanuel re d'Italia-- Victor Emmanuel king of Italy), and Wagner imagined audiences for his operas modeled on the presence of whole urban populations in the Greek theater. (Even though people complained then as now that his works were overlong and boring, the passion he inspired did recall his ancient ideals.)

Nowhere was music's powerful everyday presence more marked than in Paris, where the new opera house occupied as important a place in social and cultural life as it did in the city's geography, where modernist ballet drew all the arts into partnership around a musical center, and where Symbolist poets and painters during the fin-de-siècle took music as the exemplary art.”

- Jerrold Seigel, LOS ANGELES TIMES, 27 Sept., 1987

"Brody sees the impact of Wagner on music, art, and literature in France as the single greatest phenomenon of that half-century, an influence that died only with the upsurge of anti-Germanism engendered by WW I. Despite its problems, an informative guide to la musique francaise."

- Kirkus Review

“Elaine Brody received a bachelor's degree from N.Y.U., a master's from Columbia and a doctorate from N.Y.U. Early in her career, she was a concert pianist. She was also a lecturer and an author of numerous articles and books. Her last book was PARIS: THE MUSICAL KALEIDOSCOPE, 1870-1925.”

- THE NEW YORK TIMES, 18 July, 1987