Kaye Wayfaring in 'Avenged'    (James McCourt)    039452361X
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Kaye Wayfaring in 'Avenged'    (James McCourt)    039452361X
B0869. KAYE WAYFARING IN “AVENGED”. James McCourt. New York, Knopf, 1984. 181pp. First Hardcover Edition, stated; DJ. Includes contemporaneous New York Times 'Noted With Pleasure' article; DJ. – 0-394-52361-X


"Four stories which create a whole world of international theater and film: actors, directors, scriptwriters, press agents, the madcap, the celebrated, the hangers-on, all whirling around the blazing star, the adored two-time Oscar nominee, Kaye Wayfaring. Tales of Hollywood centering around 'an aging movie star (and recurring character in McCourt's work) who lives in Los Angeles' tony Silver Lake neighborhood' and 'diva Mawrdew Czgowchwz (the subject of his first novel'.

McCourt is best known for his extravagant novel MAWRDEW CZGOWCHWZ (1975), about a fictional opera diva, and his 2003 nonfiction book QUEER STREET, about gay life in New York City after World War II. James McCourt was born in New York City and attended Manhattan College, NYU, the Yale School of Drama, and the Old Met. Among his works of fiction and nonfiction are MAWRDEW CZGOWCHWZ, WAYFARING AT WAVERLY IN SILVER LAKE, and QUEER STREET: THE RISE AND FALL OF AN AMERICAN CULTURE, 1947-1985. He lives in New York City”.

- Wayne Koestenbaum