300 Jahre Wiener Operntheater (Pirchan, Witeschink, Fritz)
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300 Jahre Wiener Operntheater (Pirchan, Witeschink, Fritz)
B0913. Emil Pirchan, Alexander Witeschink & Otto Fritz. 300 Jahre Wiener Operntheater - Werk und Werden (300 years Vienna Opera Theatre). Wien, Fortuna-Verlag, 1953. 312pp. of text; 144 additional pp. photos giving 233 plates including portraits (incl.Mahler, Strauss, Krauss, Walter, Mayr, Gutheil-Schoder, Kurz, Bahr-Mildenburg, Winkelmann, Reichmann, Slezak, Jeritza, Papier, Cebotari, Piccaver, etc., stages, theatres and costumes. In the original, decorated, gilded [red] cloth. With large chapters on Mozart and Wagner's 'Ring'. Indices; Chronology 1869-1953. Front endpaper dedicated & signed by Orchestra members to the former director of the Syracuse Symphony, Karl Kritz. Handsome 8¼” X 11¾” Edition. (German Text)