Igor & Vera Stravinsky Photographic Album     9780500012833
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Igor & Vera Stravinsky Photographic Album     9780500012833
B0923. Igor & Vera Stravinsky - A Photographic Album, 1921-1971. New York, Thames and Hudson, 1982. 144 pp. Profusely illus. w.numerous photos and explanatory captions which accompany them offering an intimate and revealing view of the famous couple; DJ. 10¾” X 11 ½” - 9780500012833

An Observation:

“Who wrote this fiendish ‘Rite of Spring’ What right had he to write the thing, Against our helpless ears to fling Its crash, clash, cling, clang, bing, bang, bing? And then to call it ‘Rite of Spring’, the season when on joyous wing The birds melodious carols sing And harmony's in everything! He who could write the ‘Rite of Spring’, If I be right, by right should swing!”

- Boston Herald, 9 Feb., 1924