L'oeuvre de Frederic Chopin - Discography  (Armand Panigel)
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L'oeuvre de Frederic Chopin - Discography  (Armand Panigel)
B0969. Armand Panigel. L’oeuvre de Frederic Chopin. Introduction & Notes by Marcel Beaufils. Paris, Éditions de la Revue Disques, UNESCO, 1949. 253pp. Illus. This book lists exhaustively the entire discography of Chopin recordings. (French Text) Excellent contents, albeit disbound & loose pages. Most worthy of rebinding.


“Armand Panigel was a French musicologist and cinématologue, and was also a historical figure of the radio and the French television, in the areas of classical music and film. Panigel was a well-known radio personality in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. He created, produced and hosted for 37 years, from 1946 to 1984, France Musique. He founded and directed in addition, 1947 to 1964, the Records Magazine, a review of classical CD reviews. Meanwhile, UNESCO hired him to publish catalogs, all existing records in the world of the great composers. In 1946 he was the founder & Vice President of the Charles Cros Academy.

He is also the author of several reference books on music and film. In 1994, fascinated by new technologies, he began the production and realization of the CD-ROM, ‘because it is a work in three dimensions, combining sound, image and text: the dream of my life’, he told the AFP a year before his death in 1995.”

- Ned Ludd