Artist Index of Finnish Recordings  (Haapanen)    9519222219
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Artist Index of Finnish Recordings  (Haapanen)    9519222219
B0972. Urpo Haapanen. Artist Index of Finnish Recordings, 1901-1982. Suomen Äänitearkisto, 1990. 597pp. Invaluable reference source for discographies of countless performers, recording dates, labels of issue, etc. (Finnish Text) (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 951-9222-21-9


“One of the earliest national discographies in the world. Urpo Haapanen, Rainer Strömmer and Arto Kylänpää have continued this work with up-dated editions. The discographies contain notice statistics and surveys, mostly by Pekka Gronow. There are separately published indices covering the years 1902-1982.”

- (Finnish Music Bibliographies and Discographies)