The History of Violin Playing    (Boyden)    0-193-16315-2
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The History of Violin Playing    (Boyden)    0-193-16315-2
B0983. David D. Boyden. The History of Violin Playing from its Origins to 1761 and its relationship to the violin and Violin Music. London, Oxford University Press, 1967. 569pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos; Illus.; Housed in the publisher’s slipcase, which also contains the 7” 33 1/3 vinyl disc (OUP 100) of examples played by Alan Loveday. - 0-193-16315-2


“This book is the authoritative work on the history of violin playing up to the middle of the 18th century.... essential reading for classical violinists and violin teachers.... it is a tribute to the scholarship of David Boyden whose classic book, first published in 1965, was the first to deal comprehensively with the history of violin playing against the vast panorama of the violin's evolution and the music written for it. Its principal theme is the manner in which the violin was actually played in past centuries, dealing with such practical questions as bowing disciplines in their national and historical evolution, the performance of staccato, the use of vibrato, the meaning of numerous and esoteric performing directions, the notation and performance of double stops, the rules of scordatura playing, and the sound of the violin in early times. An invaluable source of reference for the performance of early music."

- Ned Ludd