It Ain't Necessarily So    (Larry Adler)     (0-394-55757-3)
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It Ain't Necessarily So    (Larry Adler)     (0-394-55757-3)
B1003. LARRY ADLER. It Ain’t Necessarily So [Autobiography]. New York, Grove Press, 1984. 222pp. Index; Photos; DJ. - 0-394-55757-3


"It has often been asked why Larry Adler did not bring his musicianship to a more conventional instrument, but he was not interested in being just a musician. He enjoyed entertaining an audience and his sense of timing when relating a story on stage made him a stand-up comic and raconteur of considerable charisma. During the last 30 years he had spent much time in night-clubs and small theatres and with a one-man show that employed all his talents."

- John Calder