Daniel Barenboim  -  A Life in Music     (978-0-684-19326-7)
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Daniel Barenboim  -  A Life in Music     (978-0-684-19326-7)
B1018. DANIEL BARENBOIM. Daniel Barenboim - A Life in Music [Autobiography]. New York, Scribner's, 1991. 198pp. Index; Photos; DJ. - 978-0-684-19326-7


"A LIFE IN MUSIC reviews five decades of the rich and uniquely varied musical life of Daniel Barenboim. A child prodigy as a pianist and a virtuoso conductor of symphonies and opera, he has known and worked with many of the most distinguished and exciting musicians of the 20th century, not least his own wife Jacqueline du Pré. For this new edition, the book has been revised throughout and new chapters added. Recent years have included his work in Bayreuth, where he has been the most important artistic influence on the annual Wagner Festival; his involvement with the rebirth of the Berlin State Opera House in the reunited city of Berlin, and as conductor of two great orchestras in Berlin and Chicago; his thoughts on the state of Israel and his work with young Israeli and Arab musicians in modern Germany; his worldwide travels, his discovery of young talent and his insights into the changing world of music."

- Ned Ludd