Harold Bauer  -  His Book    [Autobiography]
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Harold Bauer  -  His Book    [Autobiography]
B1020. HAROLD BAUER. Harold Bauer: His Book [Autobiography]. New York, Norton, 1948. 306pp. Index; Photos. First Edition.


“Harold Bauer played in Paris for the first time in 1893. The same year he also made a tour to Russia. In 1899, he performed in Scandinavia and Holland and with the Wiener Philharmoniker under Hans Richter. After touring Europe, he made his USA début as soloist in 1900 with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Brahms Concerto in d minor. Subsequently he played in major USA cities. He gave recitals annually in London up to 1913.

Harold Bauer was one of the most distinguished pianists of his generation, and exerted an important influence on music in America. In America as in Europe he constantly pursued a purely artistic ideal and has shown himself ready to subordinate personal prestige to the higher end. Although he was known for his interpretations of the canonical Germanic repertoire, especially Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann, his repertoire was a very large one. He was closely associated with certain French composers of the 20th century, such as Franck, Debussy, and Ravel. He introduced many of Debussy's works to English audiences when they were new. He gave the Paris première of Debussy's CHILDREN'S CORNER suite and the New York première of Ravel's Concerto in G major (Ravel dedicated his ‘Ondine’ to Bauer). He was also active in the field of chamber music, playing piano trios with Thibaud and Pablo Casals, and the duo piano repertoire with Ossip Gabrilowitsch.

Harold Bauer was also an influential teacher, heading the piano department at the Manhattan School of Music. He published HAROLD BAUER, HIS BOOK in 1948.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron