The Life of Tom Burke   (John D. Vose)      (9780950103617)
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The Life of Tom Burke   (John D. Vose)      (9780950103617)
B1054. JOHN D. VOSE. The Lancashire Caruso: The Life of Tom Burke. Cornwall, United Writers Publications, 1982. 201pp. Discography; List of Performances; List of Films; Photos. Softbound. - 9780950103617 0-9501036-1-6


“Tom Burke was to study at the Royal Academy in London and attend paid singing engagements at various venues in the capital. This was in 1913 and Tom was 23. It was while he was at the Royal Academy that he had the opportunity to sing before Enrico Caruso. After it Caruso said ‘You must go to Italy and there you will find your voice.’ He got married, went to Italy, and he did find his voice. Tom was 29 when he sang for the first time at Covent Garden. This was in 1919 and the start of his successful music career. Unfortunately, Tom could not handle the fame. His eccentricity, his sensitivity, the anger he still felt about the poverty he experienced as a child, his fighting spirit. Also Tom had a deep, latent antagonistic loathing towards people of wealth and power. His mixed up emotional powder keg erupted on several occasions and helped to ruin his career. He was at the top for about 12 years. From the early 1930’s he began the slide downwards into obscurity. Nonetheless, one thing is certain, that Tom Burke, the ‘Minstrel Boy’, had realised his dream.”

- Ned Ludd