Orom es Banat Pablo Casals emlekei     (Joys and Sorrows)  -   (Albert E. Khan)
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Orom es Banat Pablo Casals emlekei     (Joys and Sorrows)  -   (Albert E. Khan)
B1107. ALBERT E. KAHN. Orom es Banat Pablo Casals emlekei. Budapest, Zenemukiado, 1973. 217pp. Index; Photos; DJ. (Hungarian Text)


“JOYS AND SORROWS, reflections by Pablo Casals edited by Albert E. Khan - out of print but well worth buying at very low price from specialists. Not an autobiography, but, as the title suggests, a collection of reflections.

After the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Albert Kahn agreed to lead an ambulance tour to raise medical relief funds for Loyalist forces fighting against the fascist-supported Franco rebellion. On the tour, Kahn spoke to audiences ranging from the wealthy to the unemployed. It was the height of the Depression and Kahn was deeply affected by the widespread deprivation that he saw. Communists and socialists organized many of the speaking events and impressed Kahn with their idealism. After completing the tour in 1938, he joined the Communist Party of the United States.”

- Zillah D. Akron