My Favorite Songs & Encore Songs     (Julia Culp)
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My Favorite Songs & Encore Songs     (Julia Culp)
B1129. JULIA CULP. My Favorite Songs & Encore Songs. Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1916. 61pp.


"You might describe Julia Culp as a connoisseur’s singer. Her voice was not large, her compass not wide. She never sang in opera; striking dramatic gestures were not her line. What she excelled in were the singer’s rather than the vocal actress’s virtues: sustained legato line, remarkable breath control, subtle colour, immaculate care for words….But ‘connoisseur’s singer’ does not mean that only connoisseurs can appreciate her; one becomes a connoisseur by listening to her.”

- Michael Oliver, INTERNATIONAL OPERA COLLECTOR, Autumn, 2000