Callas    (John Ardoin &  Gerald Fitzgerald)       0030114861
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Callas    (John Ardoin &  Gerald Fitzgerald)       0030114861
B1148. JOHN ARDOIN. CALLAS - The Art and the Life; GERALD FITZGERALD: The Great Years. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1974. 282pp. Chronology; Gloriously illustrated with countless photos, many full-page; DJ; Elaborate Quarto Edition. [Regarded by many as being the finest book on Callas]. - 0-03-011486-1


“The John Ardoin essay is only a small part of [that which] is really a picture essay, but it is one of the finest pieces of writing about Callas you will ever find. Ardoin knew and admired Callas and she confided in him. His writing is perceptive and fair. Without overlooking Callas' flaws he gives ample evidence of why she mattered and still matters to anyone who loves and understands opera. Buy it!”

- D. Culp

“Probably the best study of Callas and opera, from the dozens of books on the subject that I have read. The late John Ardoin's deep knowledge of music and insight into the world of opera in the 20th century cannot be matched by his contemporaries. Gerald Fitzgerald's meticulous work in part II, ‘The Great Years’, is also admirable. I'm so glad that the authors concentrate on the important musical subjects and do not fall into the gossip trap about her personal life….”

- John Bastias