Thomas  Edison       (Matthew Josephson)
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Thomas  Edison       (Matthew Josephson)
B1150. MATTHEW JOSEPHSON. Edison. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1959 (First Edition). 511pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos; DJ.


“Regarded as the classic standard biography on Thomas Edison. Written in 1959, this is the classic Edison biography. It's a good mix of human element and technical detail. It is the only biography written in the last 40 years to be recommended by the official voice of the caretakers of the Edison Laboratory National Monument in New Jersey which houses all of Edison's original records, sketches, notes, correspondence and memoranda. Depicts Edison as a pivotal figure in America's economic and industrial revolution success and at the same time as a human being, including his exploitative and, at times, crude qualities. Overall, this book does a great job detailing Edison's rise to prominence as an inventor, his role in the commercialization of many other ideas besides the light bulb, and his quirky behavior. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about Edison's personal journey as well as the impact of his work on American business and culture.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron