Furtwangler  -  a Discography   (Henning Olsen)    (Panjandrum Press)
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Furtwangler  -  a Discography   (Henning Olsen)    (Panjandrum Press)
B1176. (FURTWÄNGLER) Henning Smidth Olsen. Wilhelm Furtwängler – a Discography. San Francisco, CA, Panjandrum Press, 1973. 71pp. Index. Softbound.


“Furtwängler was a victim of envious and jealous rivals who had to resort to publicity, to smear, to calumny, in order to keep him out of America so it could remain their private bailiwick. He was the victim of the small fry and puny souls among concert artists, who, in order to get a bit of national publicity, joined the bandwagon of professional idealists, the professional Jews and hired hands who irresponsibly assaulted an innocent and humane and broad-minded man ...”

- Moshe Menuhin, (Yehudi's father)