Piano Technique   (Walter Gieseking  &  Karl Leimer)   (0-486-22867-3)
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Piano Technique   (Walter Gieseking  &  Karl Leimer)   (0-486-22867-3)
B1187. WALTER GIESEKING & KARL LEIMER. Piano Technique [Consisting of two books]. New York, Dover, 1972 [Reprint of the 1938 Presser Edition]. 140pp. Index; Photo; Musical Examples. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 0-486-22867-3


“This volume presents two books by Walter Gieseking, foremost pianist of his generation, and his teacher for five years, Karl Leimer, that have long been sought after by students and teachers looking for a radical approach toward developing not only finger-technique but expression-technique. Because of his gifts, Gieseking was able to master unfamiliar repertoire (however difficult) with relatively little practice. As taught in the Gieseking-Leimer method, he usually studied new pieces away from the piano. Consequently, it became well publicised that he often committed new works to memory while traveling by train, ship, or plane. Sometimes, according to Harold C. Schonberg's book The Great Pianists (1963), he could learn an entire concerto by heart in one day.”

- Ned Ludd