Percy Grainger     (John Bird)      (0-236-40004-5)
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Percy Grainger     (John Bird)      (0-236-40004-5)
B1200. JOHN BIRD. Percy Grainger. London, Paul Elek, 1976. 317pp. Index; Discography; List of Grainger’s published compositions; Photos; DJ. - 0-236-40004-5


“In few creative figures can ideas, personal life and output have been more inextricably merged than in Percy Grainger. Internationally celebrated as a brilliant, if idiosyncratic concert pianst, Grainger's off-beat compositions and folk-song arrangements quickly won the recognition of Delius, Busoni and later of Britten. The book also explores Grainger's bizarre sexual predilections, his eccentric athleticism and his Anglo-Saxon triumphalism.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron