Guarneri Quartet     (Fink &  Merriell)    (0-86622-007-0)
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Guarneri Quartet     (Fink &  Merriell)    (0-86622-007-0)
B1205. (GUARNERI STRING QUARTET) I. FINK & C. MERRIELL. String Quartet Playing. Neptune City, NJ, Paganiniana, 1985. 191pp. Musical Examples; Photos. - 0-86622-007-0


“The Guarneri Quartet was an American string quartet founded in 1964 at the Marlboro Music School and Festival. During the quartet's early years the members were in residence at Harpur College (SUNY Binghamton) in upstate New York. The Quartet was brought together partly at the instigation of Alexander Schneider, of the Budapest Quartet, who had begun summer teaching at the Marlboro Music School and Festival in southern Vermont shortly before the Guarneri Quartet was founded.”

- Ned Ludd