How to Sing a Song       (Yvette Guilbert)
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How to Sing a Song       (Yvette Guilbert)
B1207. YVETTE GUILBERT. How to Sing a Song (the Art of Lyric and Dramatic Interpretation). New York, Macmillan, 1919. 137pp. Photos; Illus.


"...the very perfectness of [Guilbert's] art might allure the public to fall into the heresy of thinking that effects produced with such apparent ease have been arrived at without antecedent effort. This little book will demonstrate, however, that nothing is easy in art, and that the appearance of spontaneity can be acquired only by long years of earnest study and indefatigable practice."

- Clayton Hamilton, Introduction, 1918.

"[Guilbert's] is an art that defies classification....Her voice is not a musical instrument - and I believe it is as musical now as ever it was. Yet there is no singer of our time who would not double his present artistic stature if he could borrow half of Guilbert's genius."

- Walter Legge, ON AND OFF THE RECORD, p.49