On Singers & Singing  (Du Chant)  (Reynaldo Hahn)  (0-7470-1420-5)
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On Singers & Singing  (Du Chant)  (Reynaldo Hahn)  (0-7470-1420-5)
B1210. REYNALDO HAHN. On Singers and Singing: Lectures and an Essay. Portland, OR, Amadeus Press, 1990. 244pp. Final hardbound copy! - 0-7470-1420-5


“The author, born in Venezuela in 1874, wrote more than a hundred mélodies, but also operas, operettas, and concerti. He was an integral part of the musical life of Paris and central Europe from the turn of the century until after the Second World War. This book, a translation of DU CHANT, is a series of nine lectures Hahn delivered in 1913-1914, plus an epilogue.”

- Z. D. Akron