Jascha Heifetz,  3rd Ed.       (Herbert R Axelrod)      (0-86622-490-4)
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Jascha Heifetz,  3rd Ed.       (Herbert R Axelrod)      (0-86622-490-4)
B1221. Dr. HERBERT R. AXELROD, Ed. Heifetz. Third Revised Edition. Neptune City, N.J., Paganiniana, 1990. 744pp. Index; Photos. Third Revised Edition. (Pictorial hard covers) - 0-86622-490-4


"Heifetz championed a number of causes throughout his life. He was active in unions, serving as a founding member and first vice president of the American Guild of Musical Artists in 1936 and as a founding member of the American Federation of Radio Artists in 1937. Later, he led efforts to establish '911' as an emergency phone number, and crusaded for clean air. He and his students at the University of Southern California protested smog by wearing gas masks, and in 1967 he converted his Renault passenger car into an electric vehicle."

- From the Jascha Heifetz Biography, John and John Anthony Maltese