Vocal Wisdom     (Giovanni Battista Lamperti)        (0-8008-8023-4)
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Vocal Wisdom     (Giovanni Battista Lamperti)        (0-8008-8023-4)
B1256. GIOVANNI BATTISTA LAMPERTI. Vocal Wisdom. New York, Taplinger, 1957 [Reprint of the 1931 Edition]. 146pp. softbound. - 0-8008-8023-4


“The control of the voice consists in the release of the voice. The development of the voice as an instrument depends upon our willingness to call to our aid the spiritual and emotional stimuli of inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, and love. This mental and spiritual attitude is the wellspring from which all good singing stems.”

-Allan Lindquest

“Lamperti’s preferred teaching arrangement was having three or four students present at each lesson: each would get their turn while the others observed and learned thereby. He was said to be a strict, exacting instructor not given to flattery, but who enthusiastically praised his students upon exceptional achievement. Many of Giovanni’s students became international opera stars including Irene Abendroth, Marcella Sembrich, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Paul Bulss, Roberto Stagno, David Bispham and Franz Nachbaur.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron