P. T. Barnum Presents Jenny Lind     (Ware & Lockard)     (0-8071-0687-9)
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P. T. Barnum Presents Jenny Lind     (Ware & Lockard)     (0-8071-0687-9)
B1289. WARE & LOCKARD. Barnum Presents Jenny Lind (The [1850] American Tour of the Swedish Nightingale). Baton Rouge, LA, State University Press, 1980. 204pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos; DJ. - 0-8071-0687-9


“In the case of Lind, the attempt to capture her elusive presence verged on mania. For those who do not know her story, the mythical 1850 American tour of the Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind, transformed a physically unassuming European diva into ‘the most popular woman in the world’. For some she even came to be called ‘the New Messiah’ since it was thought her voice was from God. In fact, there was a rumor that Jenny Lind looped her hair at the sides of her head because she had no ears, an image that suggests a body that is the pure fount of an elusive, original source, a singer who does not control her voice through the feedback loop of listening, but who is rather merely a medium. Since no recording technologies were available at the time, the stunning fact of the case of Jenny Lind was that the quality of her voice was taken merely on faith. P. T. Barnum himself, who had just recently featured the famous spirit communicators, the Fox Sisters, in his act, risked his fortune to bring this other type of medium to America, without ever having heard her voice. Yet, despite the absence of radio or phonograph play, enormous crowds paid exorbitant sums for tickets.”

- Ned Ludd