John McCormack    (Worth and Cartwright)    (0-313-24728-5)
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John McCormack    (Worth and Cartwright)    (0-313-24728-5)
B1305.(McCORMACK) WORTH & CARTWRIGHT. John McCormack: A Comprehensive Discography. Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1986. 185pp. Index; Bibliography; Appendices; Photo. Truly the definitive McCormack Discography; no McCormack Collector should be without it. - 0-313-24728-5


"A full and critical assessment of this important volume would occupy more space than is available here....a comprehensive and definitive discography of John McCormack has long been needed by the collector and scholar, and the present work represents a considerable step forward....the book provides impressive and splendid coverage of a field that is much larger and more complicated than the average discography subject....a book that sets new standards of discography and must be an essential reference for all McCormack scholars, specialists and enthusiasts."

- Michael E.Henstock, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1987

“Worth and Cartwright have compiled a comprehensive discography documenting this exceedingly long career In a chapter devoted to 'The Art of John McCormack and the Phonograph’, McCormack's vocal technique is examined, and his artistic development chronicled. His talent for blending the intellectual and the intuitive in his musical interpretation is pointed out. An account of the events of his career adds to the history of singing. Recordings are listed chronologically by recording session, and a useful alphabetic listing by song title is provided. . . . The authors carefully acknowledge indebtedness to a number of McCormack discography researchers. A bibliography and artist index conclude the volume, which is sturdily bound. All undergraduate and graduate music libraries with McCormack recordings will want this book.”

- Choice