Melba -  An Unconventional Biography    (Percy Colson)
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Melba -  An Unconventional Biography    (Percy Colson)
B1317. PERCY COLSON. Melba – An Unconventional Biography. London, Grayson, 1932. 279pp. Index; Photos. Exemplary copy!


“Melba easily became masterful with success and on occasions she could be temperamental; like most artists she had her share of vanity, and was not free from jealousy. But she was generous to young artists, sang much for charity, and more than once helped struggling institutions such as the British National Opera Company. Her voice had a remarkable evenness through a compass of two and a half octaves, her production was natural and perfect, and she sang florid passages with a suggestion of complete case and restraint. She had been taught by Marchesi the value of never forcing the voice, and this enabled her to preserve its remarkable freshness and purity for far longer than the usual period. She had a repertoire of 25 operas, and in a good proportion of these she had no rival. Her voice must be ranked among the great voices of all time.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron