Sometimes I Reminisce     (Mary Mellish)
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Sometimes I Reminisce     (Mary Mellish)
B1323. MARY MELLISH. Sometimes I Reminisce [Autobiography]. New York, Putnam’s, 1941. 336pp; DJ. Front Endpaper Autographed by Mellish.


“Farrar insisted on total preparation to achieve spontaneity and freedom on stage. ‘At every performance’, she explained to Carl Van Vechten, ‘I cut myself open with a knife and give myself to the audience’. American soprano Mary Mellish witnessed that knife slash when she sang with Farrar in ZAZA. In her memoirs, Mellish recalled the stunning impact Farrar made after Zaza discovers her lover has been unfaithful. ‘When Farrar unleashed her emotions and cried real tears, I cried with her. I felt her intensity like a burning flame. She grabbed my wrist and squeezed it until I was sure she had broken some bones. This was acting such as I had never seen’.”

- Robert Baxter, Program Notes to Marston’s FARRAR