Clara Novello, 1818-1908   (Averil Mackenzie-Grieve)
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Clara Novello, 1818-1908   (Averil Mackenzie-Grieve)
B1350. AVERIL MacKENZIE-GRIEVE. Clara Novello, 1818-1908. London, Geoffrey Bles, 1955. 338pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos. Exemplary Copy.


“Clara Novello was a famous 19th century singer politically active as Countess Gigliucci in Italy and throughout Europe. This carefully researched biography of Clara Novello, her public life and private lives, and a vibrant portrayal of nineteenth-century Europe, is the vivid story of the Prima Donna of Oratorio 1818-1908, pet of Leigh Hunt, Mary Shelley; admired by Schumann, Rossini et al, patronised by Europe's royalty, and wife of exiled Count Gigliucci, activist for a united Italy.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron