Here I Stand  [Autobiography]   (Paul Robeson)
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Here I Stand  [Autobiography]   (Paul Robeson)
B1379. PAUL ROBESON. Here I Stand [Autobiography]. New York, Othello Associates, 1958. 128pp. Softbound.


“HERE I STAND touches on many aspects of inequality still affecting blacks in 1958….The crime Paul Robeson committed was to expose the hypocrisy of U.S. policies at home and abroad given the treatment of Negroes by its people and its government. He spoke out forthrightly and without apology about the persistence of Jim Crow in the 1950’s. How, he asked, can we insist on freedom abroad if we do not grant freedom in our own country? He also defended the vision of racial equality he saw in socialist societies. He opposed U.S. military forays as ‘imperialistic’ and opined that it was ‘unthinkable’ for American Negroes to ‘go to war on behalf of those who have oppressed us for generations’.”

- Loyal Bluto